tisdag 18 september 2007

Anna no 1!!!!

This weekend I went to Skåne to enter the last Freestyle competition of the year.
I put my alarm at 04.00 on Saturday morning and started to drive down to Klagshamn, south of Malmö where the competition was held. When I arrived at the beach the wind was howling! It felt like the car was going to fly away.
After the registration I rigged my 3.4. First it was time for the guys to show off, then the juniors and last us girls.
I did my best in the strong wind, and luckily I won!
On Sunday the wind was lighter. But it picked up for a while, so we could finish the double elimination for the guys. For juniors and women we had a super session. I went out with my 5.4, but this day the best move was made by Marie Edlund Tjernberg.
This victory also made me winner of the whole Swedish Freestyle Cup 2007! Oh yeah!
Photos: Pär Lundgren

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