tisdag 4 september 2007

Swedish Wave Championships

Last weekend me and Emma went to Varberg for the Swedish wave championships.
The forecast for Saturday did not look good, but Sunday was predicted to be windy.

On Friday night there was a party and première for the movie Addicted to ride 3 at Majas strandcafe.

Not much happened during Saturday, the wind increased in the evening, but I only went out for a quick session.

Because the forecast for Sunday said that the wind was going to subside during the day, the skippers meeting was held at 08.00 in the morning. And the forecast was right, the wind was there in the morning. I rigged my Boxer 4.0 and Naish global wave 83 and then I had to hurry out in the water because I was in the first heat of the day.

I was sailing quite okay, even if the conditions were not the best, onshore and a bit gusty. I won my first heat against Maria Rang and then I lost against Frida Wiraeus. After this I meet Nina Edlund to fight for 3de place. And I got it!

Results Women:

1. Marie Edlund Tjernberg S6
2. Frida Wireus S93
3. Anna Jönsson S78
Results men:
1. Kristoffer Living S80
2. Andreas Olandersson S66
3. Fredrik Bengtsson S44

You can find more info and pictures from this weekend on: http://www.surfsession.se/

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