torsdag 26 juni 2008


The summer is here, and now it’s been windy for more than two weeks in a row, with great freestyle conditions. I have mostly used my boxer 4.0.
Last weekend we celebrated Midsummer, which is the lightest day of the year. And had a freestyle and a slalom competition at the local beach followed by a beach party. The weekend was a huge success. You can read more about it on
We also had a nice day wavesailing in Grönhögen.

Pär and me looking for new surf spots .

Midsummer's Eve and we are working on the maypole.
The guys carry the maypole out in the sea.Our beautiful maypole (picture by Pugge). (Picture by Pugge)
Emma S-37 is sailing Grönhögen.Wavesailing in Grönhögen.

söndag 15 juni 2008


Here are some pictures from my home spot Haga Park, taken by Pär Lundgren a few days ago. Take a look at his blogg, it's the best.

Finally windy again

It has been an almost windless spring here in Sweden. But now it has started to be windy again. =)
I will be at home, working and windsurfing this summer. The world cup competitions on the canaries are soon to begin. But I can only afford to go to one of them, and I choose to go to the Fuerteventura competition in late July.
Was in Malmö on the Swedish freestyle championships a few weeks ago, but unfortunately we had no wind at all.

Me at the beach in Lomma, Malmö.

Emma at the beach in Lomma, Malmö.

The field.

The small seedling that I'm planting.