fredag 29 augusti 2008

Congratulations mum!

Idag fyller min mamma 50år, så ikväll blir det stort kalas. Grattis!

Här är de två senaste artiklarna jag varit med i (Du kan hitta fler artiklar på min hemsida,
Ett uppslag i Atl, en av Sveriges största lantbrukstidningar.Två sidor i Edge, en Svenska extremsport tidning.

torsdag 28 augusti 2008

It's my life...

This afternoon I had a nice freestyle session. We were filming a bit in the beginning, and I think I got both a normal puneta and a clewfirst puneta on tape, maybe an eslider 540 too.
And I landed my first vulcan on starboard tack. Yeahhh, better late then never!

Here are some funny pictures from my last days:

A cool bug that I found while I was clearing up for the autumn in my vegetable garden.

Yesterday evening I made small pancakes with homemade fruit preserve.

A tiny fish that I found on the doorway to my car after I had been changing from my wetsuit there. While I was looking at the fish, I saw that I had grass growing on my car.

måndag 18 augusti 2008

Medea Frö

I'm a horse owner nowadays. She is a 5 year old trotting horse named Medea Frö. The two of us are out training almost every day, preparing her for new competitions on the racetrack.

Here we´re on our way out:

söndag 17 augusti 2008

Good shit!

Calle is an old classmate. He does great comics and drawings. Go have a look!

It was no wind at all yesterday. Today it's windy but the rain is pouring down. Think I'll go sailing soon anyways. But haven't decided it it will be freestyle at home och wave on the north of the island? Hm.......

fredag 15 augusti 2008


Here is a link to David Foldvaris grafics. Thinks he do great works.

What more? Have a look at the wind forecast for the next couple of days. Yeah baybe yeah!
Lördag förmiddag
Nord, 8-12 m/s. Risk för vindar över 10 m/s: 80%
Lördag eftermiddag
Nord, 7-11 m/s. Risk för vindar över 10 m/s: 40%
Nord, 11-15 m/s. Dygnets högsta vindhastighet 16 m/s
Mellan väst och sydväst, 7-11 m/s. Dygnets högsta vindhastighet 11 m/s
Syd, 6-10 m/s. Dygnets högsta vindhastighet 10 m/s
Sydväst, 5-9 m/s. Dygnets högsta vindhastighet 10 m/s

onsdag 13 augusti 2008


We had a couple of nice windy days now.

Today I was sailing my Session 4.2 down in Beijershamn, the super flat area at my homespot. I was owerpowerd most of the time, but it was fun! Erik, Andreas, Emma, Peter and me batteling it out.

Landed my first puneta today. I saw Andreas S-70 do his first one, and then I thought that I also had to nail one. After around 15 minutes I landed one. It wasn’t a good one, really slow but I landed it. Wooo!

Tomorrow it looks like we’re going sailing in Grönhögen, our wavespot on the south of the island.

Some cuts from filming two days ago:

söndag 10 augusti 2008


One day last week we had some nice wave conditions on the south of the island, in Grönhögen.

I was filming a bit when I had been our sailing. Here are two cuts from my new handycam on friend Emma s-37 Johansson.

I can recomend you to have a look in her site:

fredag 8 augusti 2008


Don't know how I found this site, but I love her paintings.

torsdag 7 augusti 2008

more I like...

One more thing I like is, my sistha and old roommate Binas drawings and photos! Here are some at, Nina bine's photostream at

onsdag 6 augusti 2008

Två flugor på smällen

Jag tänkte börja lägga upp lite länkar till saker jag gillar, och här är två grejer.

Först, Fem bilder av Nanna Johansson. Fick tips om denna serietecknares blogg av min vän Pär. Och eftersom jag tycker att hans blogg också är grym, så får ni länkar till båda två.

måndag 4 augusti 2008


Yesterday we had some nice conditions here on Öland. First I went out with my Session 4.7, but after a short while it was to big so I rigged my 4.2 instead.
Looks like we’ll have some days with wind now. Hope to go wavesailing this evening. Wooo! =)