onsdag 13 augusti 2008


We had a couple of nice windy days now.

Today I was sailing my Session 4.2 down in Beijershamn, the super flat area at my homespot. I was owerpowerd most of the time, but it was fun! Erik, Andreas, Emma, Peter and me batteling it out.

Landed my first puneta today. I saw Andreas S-70 do his first one, and then I thought that I also had to nail one. After around 15 minutes I landed one. It wasn’t a good one, really slow but I landed it. Wooo!

Tomorrow it looks like we’re going sailing in Grönhögen, our wavespot on the south of the island.

Some cuts from filming two days ago:

2 kommentarer:

yobro sa...

den där andreas s-77 undrar jag allt vem det är...

Anonym sa...

Haha, sorry. Nu är det ändrat.