söndag 21 september 2008


It hasn't been much wind at home the last week. But it has been kinda cold, so it didn't really matter. And I have booked my ticket to Brazil now. Leaving on the October 7 and going back home on December 21.Looks like it's going to be loads of Swedish people there in November. Gonna to be really fun, can't wait.

It wasn't any wind in Göteborg, last weekend. So there was no Swedish freestyle cup competition at all this year. But we had fun anyway. They did a small no wind freestyle session, tried to do moves after the boat and in the evening it was party time.
The first day I stayed with Solveig and Therese. So nice to see them again, and it was the first time that I visited them in their apartment. It was sooo nice.

Here are some of my lates pictures:

The cherry trees. I'm picking cherries.

Mum's 50s birthday party. Signe, my cousins child, the cutest kid ever. Mum's 50s birthday party

Allan, my dad and me are building the paddock. The paddock is ready.

Solveig and Therese in Solveig and Kristoffers super nice apartment.

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